So long and thanks for all the fish

Thanks readers, commenters, observers and well-wishers.  I’ve had a great time work-blogging here.  I’ve been doing it for over five years!  I guess that makes this one of the first public sector blogs in the UK – and certainly one of the few which sought to record what we were up to in a national body working with local government on a week by week if not a day by day basis.

And as my role in at the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) which then became Local Government Improvement and Development changed, so did this blog.  I shifted from performance to policy to social media and open data.

It’s been a fabulous journey.

But as with all things, there comes an end.  And the end for this blog is now.  All posts have been removed from view and there won’t be any more.

I’ve only a short time left with my current employers – about a month.  I’m off to new adventures soon.  But I won’t be sharing them here.

But, of course, I’ll still be blogging! You can join me here at and who knows where else you may see me popping up.

And as for my new life….well, I’m open to offers.  And I’m always up for a cup of coffee to chat things over.