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This blog is maintained by the IDeA’s Strategy and Development Unit as an integral part of the Policy and Performance Community of Practice.   There are a number of ways to keep in touch with us and up to date with this blog.

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This means that each day that we add something to this site, you’re alerted via an email from a third party site. If we don’t post, you don’t get an email. You can unsubscribe at any time.

This service is good if you want to get updated as quickly as possible. Just follow this link, enter your email address and subscribe.

Join the Community of Practice
Another great way to keep in touch is to join the Policy and Performance Community of Practice (CoP) on the IDeA‘s CoP site at You do have to register and log in to view content (it’s easy, fast and free) but when you join, we’ll add you to our list to send you monthly email newsletters highlighting the most important news and views from the CoP – so not only will you find out what the IDeA Policy Unit thinks, but what your colleagues are thinking, saying and doing, too. There are already hundreds of members, so you’ll be in good company. You can also subscribe to daily, weekly or instant alerts for CoP content. If you choose daily or weekly updates, alerts from each community come in one handy email. Although it takes a little more set up time, this CoP blog entry will tell you how to sign up, and you’ll probably find this very useful if you’re a member of more than one CoP. You can also join our Policy and Performance Rapid Alert List – a sub community of the Policy and Performance CoP which acts solely as a mailing list to receive updates by email more frequently than once a month, but NEVER more than once a week (and sometimes less).

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